Waarrior Savitri Movie Review
Savitri grows up to be a 'warrior' after a childhood memory scars her for life. She decides to learn martial arts in order to protect herself and her family. She falls in love with Satya and wishes to marry him but a Hindu pandit opposes the decision. "Your husband will die if you marry him," he warns. Without paying heed, she gets married to Satya and moves to the U.S, where he resides. But a chain of unfortunate events posing a threat to her husband and father-in-law's (Gulshan Grover) lives follow, forcing her to unleash the fighter within her. While the fable is well known, moulding it to make it relevant to today's times is a good thought. To see a woman kic
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Om Puri to play Yamraaj in 'Warrior Savitri'
Co-producer Upendra Maheshhwari said: "We have woven the plot around the ancient fable of Sati Savitri, Satyavaan and Yamaraj from 'Mahabharata' and adapted it according to contemporary setting. The role of Yamraj is played by none other than Om Puri, the title character of Savitri is played by (legendary music composer) O.P. Nayyar's granddaughter Niharica Raizada, while Rajat Barmecha essays the character of Satyavaan." The story of Sati Savitri has inspired many women through the ages and Niharika is happy to play this character. "Today everyone speaks about woman empowerment, discrimination with women and the changing phase of women in our society and all se
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Warrior Savitri Movie Official 3 Min Trailer Watch HD Video 2016
Warrior Savitri is the upcoming Bollywood movie featuring some new faces. The movie is based on the old religious story of Satyavan Savitri. The movie is Directed and Written by Param Gill and Produced by Upendra Maheswari and Dr. Bobby Kanda. The Production company of this movie is Dr. Bobs Production
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