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StarringVicki Zhao, Louis Koo, Wallace Chung, Lam Suet, Lo Hoi-Pang
Directed byJohnnie To
GenreThriller, Crime

When three disparate souls, each with his own demons to fight, are being thrown together against the hustle and bustle of an emergency room, a hospital descends from a pristine sanctuary into an explosive battleground of stress and strife. 

Zhau (Vicki Zhao) is a young doctor who desperately needs a successful operation on a high-profile patient to redeem a previous failure which not only cost the life of a patient but her self-esteem. Han (Wallace Chung) is a suspect of multiple armed robberies and homicides, who has been taken to the hospital after being shot with a bullet in his head during a showdown with the police. Officer Lok (Louis Koo) is at first sight a gung-ho policeman who has participated in the showdown, but when he makes desperate attempts to do Han in by exploiting Zhau’s weaknesses, it is apparent he is harbouring a much darker secret.

Shit hit the fan and all hell breaks loose when a platoon of armed robbers on a rescue mission starts fighting the police in the hospital with guns and ammunition galore.

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