X-Men: Apocalypse Comic-Con booth will let fans battle villain
The megalomaniacal mutant Apocalypse may have four horsemen to do his bidding, but come Comic-Con, the X-Men will get some new allies too. At this year’s convention in San Diego, Fox will present the Tomb of Apocalypse X-perience, a booth inviting fans to complete a series of challenges to defeat the supervillain and win a custom X-Men: Apocalypse T-shirt and souvenir photo. The booth (#3529) will also feature original costumes from the Bryan Singer-directed movie, including Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse, Evan Peters’ Quicksilver, and Alexandra Shipp’s Storm. The tomb will be open from July 20-24. At both the Apocalypse booth and the Fox booth, attendees
2016-07-20 03:34:54
X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Gets A Blu-ray Release Date; Special Features Revealed
Even though 20th Century Fox's second superhero entry of the year, the gargantuan X-Men: Apocalypse, didn't manage to attain the same level of success as its predecessor, the critically acclaimed X-Men: Days of the Future Past, it has had a pretty solid run at the worldwide box office, amassing to date over $533 million globally, which makes it the third highest grossing X-Men movie of all-time and eighth highest grossing movie of 2016. Entertainment Weekly has obtained details on its upcoming home video release. The film will arrive on Digital HD on September 9 followed by a release on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD nearly a month later on October 4.  The Blu-ray s
2016-07-20 03:32:52