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3 Day Pass - F1 Malaysia Grand Prix in Kuala Lumpur | Event Held On : 2016-09-30

Sepang also offers some the best viewing opportunities of any circuit. Most grandstands give you the chance to see multiple corners. Malaysia also offers ‘Free Friday’, which means you are free to check out all the grandstands and spectator areas of the Sepang circuit on the first day of the event. All grandstands have access to viewing screens, though they are pretty small and distant; bring along binoculars to guarantee yourself a good view. In addition, whilst all stands are covered, not all seats benefit from shade and rain protection for the whole day, so keep this in mind when you are packing for the day.



1. K1 Grandstand

2. Tower Grandstand

3. Topaz/Citrine Grandstands

4. Sapphire Grandstand

5. F Grandstand

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