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StarringAngela Wang, Francis Ng, Miriam Yeung, Sui-man Chim, Qiu Yuen
Directed byAman Chang

The president of a multinational corporation, travels all over the world with his wife, Nina (Miriam Yeung) for big business projects. They live in a huge house where Bowie has a fairytale-like bedroom. Yet, she is lonely. Her parents are never around, Bowie only has nanny Aunt Kim (Yuen Qiu) and tutor Macy (Zhen Qi) to keep her company. Bowie’s biggest wish is to have her parents come home in time to join her birthday party.

One day, Aunt Kim takes Bowie out while they encounter human traffickers who attempt to kidnap Bowie. In the nick of time, three smart street kids come to her rescue. They are big sister Holly (Chan Pui Yin), smart boy Man (Jozef Liu Waite) and chubby boy Donald (Wang Yuexu). Bowie soon makes friends with them and invites them to her house to play. The kids are as thrilled as Alice in her Wonderland. While they are having fun, Bowie’s parents suddenly come home. They send the kids away and warn Bowie not to invite strangers to the house again.

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